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 “The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection;
The water has no mind to receive their image.”

Zenrin Kushu

Welcome to the official Pete Tytler web-site. Thanks for visiting.

In a world of chaos and confusion may you find this space refreshing. A small sane oasis in a world gone mad.

You’ll find a selection of my music here, some artwork, and some HD video promos too — check the tabs above.

All the music you can hear on this site is available as a FREE download.

It’s fascinating how the internet has changed the whole landscape of music distribution and how technology has revolutionized music production forever.

Now anyone with good technical skills, determination, and creative flair can produce extremely high-quality recorded works. Previously this was only reserved for those with record contracts and even then they were mostly limited by time and budget restraints.

Any decent home studio can now record, edit and mix to a standard of technical excellence that rivals some of the best and most expensive studios anywhere in the world. Using a wide range of modern plug-ins today it is possible to accurately re-create practically any sonic environment found in the “outside world”, and alter sound in unimaginably creative ways. A dream come true!

The creative possibilities are truly mind-numbing.

“It’s created a level playing field for everyone, basically more power and creative control to the artist. Far better capability to express what we are. That’s one aspect of a real spirit of freedom and it’s priceless.”

Pete Tytler is also passionate about the freedom of spirit that comes from a life-long practise of yoga and meditation. When you listen to his music you can sense some of that mysterious spirit.

“It’s what it’s all about. It’s exactly the same spirit that drives us all… it’s where all expression through creativity comes from.”

Thanks for your interest.

LATEST NEWS — September 2014

Two new HD videos available:

“Transitory” a sampler teaser of all 10 tracks from album 7.

“Everything’s The Same” album sampler video is now available for viewing — just click on the “Video Promos” tab above. Enjoy.

 The latest album — “Everything’s The Same” released 1st September 2014. Further details available on the Listen To Albums Tab above.Everything's The Same Art Cover


I’d like to extend my respect and gratitude to Edward Snowden, and others, for revealing the unprecedented invasion of our privacy by NSA and GCHQ. We can all play an active part in resisting this unwarranted violation of our Human Rights by using StartPage for safe, anonymous, private browsing.


Pete Tytler does not support social networking and is not on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin or Myspace.

Thanks for visiting.

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